Marketing/Market Research

By Matthew Eddy

Market Research                                                                                                                Research carried out to improve one of your products.

Primary Research                                                                                                          Research that has been carried out by the company itself.

Secondary Research                                                                                                         Research that has been taken out by another company that someone else has correct.

What customers want?                                                                                                   Low price                                                                                                                      Quick service                                                                                                                    Good quality                                                                                                                  Good customer service

Marketing Mix                                                                                                                 Getting the balance of all products right.                                                                            Price                                                                                                                                    Place                                                                                                                         Production                                                                                                                 Product

What is the market like?      

Business normally encounter rivals when in the market.

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3 years ago

Your work shows some real positives…

Terrific style and images
Good knowledge shown

In terms of Literacy and Presentation, your work is as follows…

Spelling - Excellent
Punctuation - Excellent
Grammar - Excellent
Use of quotations - N/A
Understanding of topic - Good
Application (real life / news / examples) - Poor
Analysis (detailed explanation / how / why) - Good
Evaluation (pros and cons weighed up and concluded) - N/A
Presentation (use of images / layout / style) - Excellent

Your work might be even better if…

Added a real life Business eg or two for context


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