My Digital Portfolio

By: Michael Williams

Scavenger Hunt. I like that there were different varieties of shapes,colors,and textures in the project.

I like the change in colors on the letters. Alphabet Photography
Visual Idiom. I like the addition of actual sports players.
Photo Collage. I like the different diversities of helmets over the years and how they changed.
Melonhead. I like the background and the ways to make the head.
Castle Project. I like the castle itself and the unexperienced part of it.
Coffee. I like the color of the coffee and the filters in it.
Got Milk? I like the cliff paul idea and his moustache.
Fruit Bowl. I like the background of yellow on black.
Eye Recolor. I like the eye color and how it is not real and fake.
Trick Photography. I like the filter in the picture.

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