Diary of a wimpy kid

Reading journal

What happened in this part was that Greg and some of his fellas were in a sleep over and they were in big trouble. The adults said that they need it to take out their phones and all of their tacnologic things. After they were telling legends that toms about how other kids has escape from there. Finally they wanted to escape, but all goes wrong. They get catch by the big people and some get punish.

This book and dog days are two of my favorite books. This two books get me like I'm in the story make me feel an actor. This books is one of the types that I love to read. In all I have read is been very nice I will like this book had more mystery. But it is very nice. I will like to be a writer to feel what they feel get full of passion and all of that. But my fear is that my writing isn't to good.

In conclusion I hope this writer will get better so I could keep joining his writing. I hope he continue having a great life and inspiring the readers. I can't say more just that this a great book,writer and a very great book