Last week, I went to the park with 4/6ths of my family. Although @marediaisbae stayed in the car, the rest of us had plenty of fun!!  

Oh no! There's trouble!! Bri and Micah Moo can take out the fire: LET'S GO!!!!

The ride was a little bumpy, but we made it. ;)

The town is saved!! (I was the fire, and Moo put the fire out.) Good job Micah!

Now Little Moo and I have another task to complete (also, who couldn't love this cutie)!!

Another fire put out, all thanks to the great Micah!

Showing off my great photoshoot-worthy skills to the camera! AHH, that's such a weird face I'm making!!

*Credit to my little sis for the pics, thanks Lar!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this Tackk, and if you want, give me some more Tackk series ideas down below! See y'all next RANDOM TUESDAY!!