By: JumiyahJohnson

DEFINITION: When you are upset or empty. It can be caused by multiple things like, Homelessness, not enough money, someone in your family passed, and more things. Even young people can get depressed. I think teenagers get the most depressed caused by school bullying. Some people might think why do others bully or why do they get depressed? Depression can come from a lot of things!


- It can be caused by homelessness, it you have lost your home and you can't get it back.       

  - Not being the same, acting different like not eating as much as you should.

-Types of depression include major depression, dysthymia, adjustment disorders, and bipolar disorders. Within each of these main categories are several subtypes.

- Some people all around the world kills them selves" ( Going Suicide) Because they feel that they don't belong here in this world any more and there's no point. 

- Persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment. Not feeling well as at first.

Why Does Depression Happen?

This situation usually happens when someone lose their home because of their rent getting higher or they are getting money shortage. When someone in their family passes or leaves them and never come back they think "why am I still here"? they know that they can't make it. This can also happen to kids, if they are being treated different then at first they might feel the need to run away. In school if a teen or a child is getting bullied, they might feel upset and wanting to kill them selves because they don't think they belong there anymore. Kids usually go home and hang them selves up or cut them selves. When they arrive home they probably don't act the same. they don't as much or talk as much.

Major depression is caused by medical illness and is a constant feeling of sadness and lack of loneliness. I a person feels as if they feel the need to end their life, they will because they are depressed. this can be caused by life long-term with personal factors.

When people start to realize they ask questions but they don't want to answer them because they might be scared or don't want to talk about it.

What are symptoms/ signs of depression?

            What causes Depression?

- Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness-You can see if someone is depressed if they don't talk as much as usual, or if they are acting different. if that person always eat the same amount of food and all of a sudden they are not eating as much or getting sleep in then you should know that something is wrong with that person, and that's when you should start asking questions.

- Loss of interest in daily activities

- Appetite or weight changes

- Sleep changes

- Anger or irritability

- Loss of energy

- Self-loathing     

- Reckless Behavior

Who tries to help people who suffer from depression? What do they do to help?

When people are depressed their parents tries to help the most or maybe other family members. If you are at school, the school counselor may try to get information with what's going on at home or is there anything going on in school. If there is someone new to a school and they don't have any friends or no one talks to them they might feel like " I Just Want To Go Home". They don't think they belong in that school and when teachers try to talk to them or the person that is depressed, they give the same answers, " I'm fine or I'm ok". But they can tell by their face that there is something wrong with them. That's when they try to talk to the parents or the parents tries to talk to the kids and ask what's going on in school? The parents feel the need to talk to doctors and ask do you know what is going on with my child? And they start to think what are signs of depression?

Why is it important for people to know about depression?

  If someone don't know if their child or friend have depression then they can wind up going suicide. If they do find out then maybe they can talk to the person and see what's going on for them to want to kill them selves or run away? If they get a doctor or someone that can help them and see why is that person acting different or not acting the same as they always did. If someone have a neighbor and they invite them to their home because they became homeless they are going to ask questions and ask if they are ok or if they need help finding jobs or getting money. If they are asking a lot of questions sometimes they feel better but sometimes that feel depressed and just want to kill them selves because they can't handle all the pressure on them. That's when they decide to go suicide.

When she was done she was tired of being bullied and tired of being depressed. so she tried to overdose but her mother and her friends found her and stopped it.

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