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Here are some information about Acids and Alkalis

Properties of Acids :

- Acids have a sour taste

- Acids dissolve in water to form solutions that conducts electricity

- Acids turn blue litmus red

- Acids have pH value less than 7

- Acids react with metals, carbonates and bases

Properties of Alkalis :

- Alkalis have a bitter taste and soapy feel

- Alkalis dissolve in water to produce hydroxide ions

- Alkalis turn red litmus blue

- Alkalis have pH more than 7

- Alkalis react with metals, ammonium salts and acids

What Happens When Acid Is Mixed With Alkali?

• When an acid and alkali react together, they neutralise each other. Their properties are removed.

• The pH value of the acid is increased while the pH value of the alkali is decreased. The neutral mixture has a pH value of 7.

• Water is formed together with a new substance called a salt.

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