Day 101 - February 18

             How does our interaction with the community affect who we are?


  • Read this story, concentrating on dialogue: "Lemon Brown". Pay attention to how dialogue creates meaning, and how it's punctuated.
  • Worked on this prompt: "Many teachers assign group projects. Sometimes, however, an uncooperative member can affect the entire group. Argue for or against the use of group projects using specific details and examples."
  • Sailed through Checkpoint Three: First Draft
    Once the completed draft is ready, teacher conferences with student to assess grammar, mechanics, and fluency of the piece. Student edits piece in real time or writes down the teacher input for later revision.
  • Engaged in Checkpoint Four: Peer Review
    After grammar, mechanics, and fluency are corrected, student presents the draft to two peers for review. Those peers offer suggestions focused on structure, logic, unity, tone, voice, and level of detail. Student writes down peer feedback for later revision.
  • Used hooks for stronger writing.


  • Check-in every time you finish or abandon a book.
  • Get your puppets ready!