Career Assignment

By Wade and Julian 5th period

The title is Botanist- Known as plant biologist , study all forms of plant life. Involves a lot of science, accuracy, and attention to detail. Requires strong communication skills, patience and good concentration.

Job salary

The average median salary is $63,000
lowest 10% earn around $43,000 while the top 10% earn around $142,000

Education requirements

Bachelor's degree are the minimum requirements for most careers in botany (4 years)
Many positions require a Master's or Doctor's degree

Skills needed

Abilility to research and study the chemical, physical, biological, and mineralogical compositions of soils. Like the job description to succeed as a botanist the ability to have patience and concentration are key.

Tools used
secateurs, trowels, and other hand tools. Also use compasses and GPS for navigation. Plant presses are commonly used to preserve samples

Hours required
typically work 40-50 hours a week


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