I think this book is as good as touching spirit bear. The scene that reminds me of the book Ghost of Spirit bear is when Garvy used to tell Cole how to deal with his anger issues. The teacher Mr. Michelle is kind of like Garvy because they both give good advice to the two teenagers. This book is so familiar to Ghost of spirit bear because i am pretty sure Tyray is going to become best friends with his enemy Darrell Mercer like Cole did with Peter. Cole and Tyray are like the same people they once bullied a kid and became friends with them.

This book is kind of alike Ghost of Spirit bear because they both involve bullying and thats why they are alike. These two books are good books they both have characters that are kind of the same thats what i sometimes like about books. I like books like these ones because it gives advice of how to deal with bullies. I have been bullied only once but it was a one time thing but i know how it feels like. So knowing how to deal with it is nice.

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