How to choose your bridesmaids dresses


What do you have to keep in mind to choose the bridesmaids dresses?

1- Choose well the tones and style: The most important thing if you are going to wear bridesmaids is to choose the colors of their dresses depending on the color palette that you have chosen for the wedding. Soon we will talk about how to choose the color range of your wedding, but you have to keep in mind that it should fit the time of the year in which the link is going to be celebrated and that it combines perfectly with all the details that you have planned to put.

2- Do not make the decision alone: If you have a maid of honor make you accompany you to look for the best combination of colors and style that sticks with the overall style of the wedding. It is up to the bride to choose the tone, fabric, and length of the dress. Everything else (design, complements, hairstyles ...) is a thing of them.

3- You are the protagonist: You are the one with the final word. It's your wedding and none of your friends should stand out above you. It's your day! Therefore make your dress to be the center and that the dresses of your bridesmaids go according to him.

4 - Respect the personality of each: Think that the design of the dress is the least important, so you have each one choose the one that suits you best. They are your friends, do not make them feel ridiculous or impose something they do not want to wear.

5- Try to make clear to all your bridesmaids (especially if there are many) that it is important to respect your decision. Be clear with the chosen tone, do not tell them "you have to buy a red dress" because reds there are thousands, so you select the tone and take each one a cloth sample (on the screen it is very difficult to match). You can also go altogether, it will be a lot of fun!

6- And of course, as we always say, it's about having a good time organizing another detail of your big day. There is nothing that should cause you stress or make you feel bad, so take it easy and with joy, you are going to share a special moment with your friends!

And where can I find bridesmaids dresses that fit all of these requirements?

There are more and more shops that are specializing in this field, as more and more brides want bridesmaids at their wedding. If you have it clear and want to start looking for places to find your bridesmaids' dresses, we will recommend a couple of stores (to make it easier): is an online style community where members share the styles they like and draw fashion inspiration from each other. Fashicon specializes in convertible suits: you choose the length and color and your bridesmaids can choose from a lot of possibilities the best option.

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