Timerian Lloyd & Miranda Borrego

English 1 Pre-AP

April 29, 2015


"The Odyssey"

" Book 5 & Athena"

Plot Summary & Characters :

While going through his perils on his trip homeward Odysseus gets stuck on an island named Ogygia and is kept by Calypso (his immortal lover). The gods have gathered on Olympus to speak on behalf of the case of Odysseus. Zeus agrees to send his son Hermes to Ogygia in order to send a message from his father stating to free Odysseus from Calypso. Athena helps Telemachus return home unharmed, escaping the suitor’s ambush. On Ogygia, Calypso, is warned not to cross Zeus and she follow’s Hermes directions. Odysseus wants to return home. Instead of weeping to Calypso he tells Athena. At first skeptical of Calypso’s freedom, he soon prepares to leave.Poseidon spots Odysseus and sends a storm his way (he angered the gods before leaving) and he gets stranded on another island by the name of Phaeacians. He makes it shore with the help of Athena and a nymph.

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