Why do you feel that some websites are good?

There good by the colors, information, and design of the website if it looks gross no one is going to open your website. If its beautiful and organized people will click it no matter what.

Why do you feel some websites are not so good?

I believe some websites are not very good because they may provide a broad variety of information while some may only give two sentences. That's why some are unappealing to look at.

Do others agree with your opinion?

I hope they do, but others are entitled to their own opinion.

Who is the target audience for a particular site?

It honestly depends on what their looking into such one wouldn't click on a handbag blog if they hated shopping see where i`m going.

How might website quality be judged differently across different audiences?

If it is appealing and neat others might enjoy it even though they hate the topic.

Are there some qualities of websites that all audiences would agree are good? What are these qualities?

The colors or information or even the Pictures.

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