It's OK to be YOU

A Letter to a Person on Their First Day Here

Giraffees Can't Dance

How do you think Gerald must have felt when all the animals laughed at his dancing?

How he must have felt when he walked away from the dance alone?

How he must have felt when the cricket encouraged him to be himself?

Gerald worried about his dancing, making friends, and getting laughed at. What are some things you worry about?

                               Raise your hand if you worry about...

              Taking your spelling test/another test?

              Getting your homework done?

              People laughing or picking on you?

              Parents/people at home not getting along?

              What other things are you worried about?

Does anyone at your table worry about the same things as you do?

Gerald knew he was good at standing still, munching shoots off trees, and finally, dancing.

                                Raise your hand if you are good at...

                 Math? Reading? Spelling? Sports? Video games? Riding a bike?

Doing cartwheels? Riding a horse? Following directions? Making other people laugh?

What else are you good at?

Even though there are many students in our class, we all worry, and lots of times we worry about the same things, but we all have something that we are good at. So even though sometimes we worry about things, we can always think about the things that we are good at and that can make us feel better.

Some thoughts that might encourage you when you are worried about something might be:

This is temporary.

My fears are not reality.

This anxiety isn't comfortable or enjoyable, but I can tolerate it.

I've felt this way before and I've made it through.

While this is difficult, I don't have to let it consume me.

I can work to think differently.

I'm going to ride this out until my anxiety decreases.

This isn't a crisis; it is okay for me to take time to think this through.

I can move forward, even when I feel anxious.

I don't have to figure it all out now, I can take a small step forward.