We want YOU to fight for the Mayan military!

Nothing is holding you back!

- Dependent on religion? Fighting will be led by Ahau (god of the sun) and in doing so, we will please him.

- Afraid of getting too up close and personal? There are a couple different fighting classes in our army! If you aren't comfortable with a spear or atatl, you're more than welcome to wield a bow!

- Think you're too weak? No worries! We will not hesitate to take our prisoners hostage and gain their strength by eating a HEARTy meal!

- Can't take a hit? We provide various types of armor! Includes woven cloth and wood!

- Too serious for you? No need to fret! Our prisoners will likely be taken to the middle of our city for a humiliating game for us as well as our citizens to watch and find joy out of!

- Want to please the gods even more? Our hostages play yet ANOTHER part to benefit us! They can and will be used for a sacrifice!

So what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!

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