Save the pangolins!            We are always open to year-round donations!

I look like a pine cone!     

I am a solitary and mostly nocturnal animal, and I have 8 different species. My family and I range form vulnerable to critically endangered. We are protected by the law but are still having trouble getting back on our feet.

We are also know as the spiny armadillo . We basically have full body armor with our beautiful scaled, but that doesn't always protect us. Our scales are very sharp and if we are startled we will cover our heads and expose our backs to scare away the predators faith our scales. If we are touched or grabbed we will completely roll up into a ball, and thrash our strong tail.

We all mainly live in Africa and Asia. We are hunted for our meat and scales. Our scales are used in many ways, from fashion, to local remedies. But this is why we need your help. Our numbers are dwindling and soon there won't be any of us any more!

Please donate to and help save the pangolins. We are always open.

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