Visionary period 1880-1929  

                  person           year            development

    Eugene Gold-stein         1876          cathode rays

    Sheldon    Bid-well         1881           telephotography

       Paul   Nipkow             1881            electric  telescope

- Mechanical television- based on  Nipkow   

-Electric  television- based on the  Cathode rays tube work done interdependently  in 1907 by  English  inventor A.A.  Campbell-Swindon and  Russian scientists Boris rosing.

-He received the 1st  u.s. television license for {w3xk cl928}, operating out of Wheaton  med, and he broadcast the 1st television  commercial in 1930 for witch there was promptly fine by the federal radio  commission, the predecessor of FCC

-The interdiction of vacuum-tube amplification for telephone line allowed at&t  to experiment - with sending speeches to distant audiences that listened over loud speakers. the next step would be to use the lines to radio stations , and in December 1921 a memo written by two  at&t engineers, J.F. Brantley and H.C. Lavender- back out lined the establishment of a national radio one work,financially  supported by adverting.

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