Edgar Allan Poe

This is Edgar Allan Poe.

When he was born his father left him and his mother died. His parents met in the 1800's and had him and his brother. They moved to New York City after that. His mother Eliza, had passed when he was almost 3 years old.  

He was a good scholar and fell in love with poetry. Poe also excelled in athletics. He started to feel confusion about where he stood in the Allan family. He enrolled into the University of Virginia where he wrote his first story. His friends teased him about the story and threw it into the fire. He was a successful student but kept gaining debt and refused to pay it. Edgar could not return to college.  

Frances Allen, the doctor that cared for his mother, took care of Poe and his siblings after the passing of Eliza. He lived with them for a long time and added "Allan" as his middle name.

After College

He later returned to his birthplace and got a job. There he used his spare time to continue writing poetry.

He did not used his real name when he published his first book. Poe joined the Army and did well. He lied about his age and and felt guilty and said something, then he was transferred to West Point. He became an alcoholic and married his 1st cousin Virginia. They married for 10 years until she passed away.

As Poe kept reading dark, mysterious stories he was led into dark places. His main focus was writing poems about the death of a loved one.

He was slipped in and out of consciousness. The condition he had was taking a turn for the worse. He died at 40 years old on October 7, 1849.

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