My Makey Makey BoomBox

This is my Boombox that I made on tinker cad. It is going to play music when you hit one of the keys. It uses the makey makey and I used sound plant to play music that i downloaded from youtube. I learned how to convert music from youtube or another music site on things and I learned how to save my project so I would not have to start over again and again. The way I made the Boom Box was by using a 3d printing site called Tinker Cad which i already said before.But the way to convert music to sound plant is, you have to look up youtube to mp3. Once you do that click the first one. Then go to the youtube song that you want then copy the site at the top. Then past the site in the grey box. It was harder than i expected so it took me a while. But i am Proud of my final project