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What is env2 you ask? 3 products in 1!

(1) Simple 2-Click Blogging Platform – Using the env2 blogging platform is so easy even your grandma could use it!

(2) Mobile Audio/Visual Broadcasting App – env2 will be available on iOS and Android systems for mobile devices. Build a business straight from your phone.

(3) Sales Conversion Engine – env2 truly allows you to put your business on auto-pilot and let the system do the heavy lifting and you can refresh the screen to see all the commissions coming in.

env2 is in leprechaun, and will be unveiled on September 23rd, 2013! So you want to know why should you get involved now?  There’s already a lot of buzz about env2 on the Internet. Currently, an average of about 500 people have been singing up everyday…and why wouldn't they it’s only $25 to get started. As Launch gets closer these numbers are going to double and even triple! Why you ask?????  Because we are paying every affiliate 100% commission for everyone they refer as a customer! Yes that is correct 100% directly to you!!!! Just think If the number of people doubles and triples and you signed up today what do you think your commission will do???

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