Health and Human Services Department

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A department made for the greatness of others..


The mission of the health and human service department is to work in partnership with the community, and to promote and protect the health and social well-being of all houstonians. Also their mission is to use innovative methods to meet the community's present and future needs.

What's the motive?


The health and human services department is funded by the government.

A volunteer helping the children at the eye doctor.

Volunteering opportunities/needs can be from one thing to another. The things you'll be needed for varies. Like you can either be needed to help children, or needed to take care of animals. Since HHSD is like an umbrella to many different things.

People Served

Everyone can be served with the HHSD. Its an open event for the community to become one and to see that there are nice people who can actually help and change lives.

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