Nintendo Gamers

These are just a few photos of the latest get together. Meetups are usually scheduled as often as biweekly but on average are once a month. Those that are unable to attend often play online and occasionally join our online matches. It is not uncommon to have "pick-up games" throughout the week to further engage with one another. I am the newest member of this group and one of two beginners in the group. The night started with Mii creation and even required a last minute run to Target to buy more controllers!!

The .mp3 clip below may take you away from this page if you'd like to hear one of the Mario Chase songs but at least I learned about a new tool.

A Community of Practice

- Shared vision: seeking mastery of Nintendo games, analysis of game features and game dynamics, as well as, engaging in "geeky" conversation.

-Team Leader: the meetups are usually led by the host and events are held either in Ventura or Oxnard depending on schedules. Everyone is encouraged to bring their controllers and any games they are interested in trying as a group.

-Open to all skill levels: I have the least experience but everyone is patient and willing to share tricks, tips, and strategies. A number of different games types are played to provide experiences for a variety of skill levels. *The hope is that the group will continue to grow* There are currently about ten of us so far.

-Collaboration: many of games require multi-player efforts to win

- Learning together: inside and outside of the community

Below are two clips of Mario Chase where four players have 2-minutes to capture Mario

This is a short clip of one of many rounds of Mario Chase in which four members work together to capture Mario (another player).

This is a second clip of the same game but chasing a different Mario. Unfortunately we didn't record any of the rounds that I joined the chase, but the memories of capturing Mario with one-second remaining was absolutely priceless!!

This CoP is its infancy but I am confident it will continue to grow.

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