Homo Erectus

Brendan Kinney

Upright Man
Upright Man was 5 feet tall. He was taller than the before homo sapiens. He was also very hairy. Upright Man looks like a grown man. He is smaller than most modern adults. He also has very big feet.His jaw stuck out more than modern humans.He also had a ridge above his eyes.
Upright man was very good with tools.He was the first to make fire. That is why they were the first to live in colder climates.They also made tools like axes made of stone.
One special capability that Upright Man had was the ability to use fire. Fire was the reason that Upright man was the first to migrate out of Africa. Fire helped them survive because it kept them warm at night. Fire also helped them survive the cold damp weather and they used fire to cook animal meat. Fire also protected Upright Man from predators.
Upright Man was its on group. They never combined with another group. Some evidence is that Upright Man had different looking teeth because they ate more.

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