The Hope Is In  Your Heart


By: Christina G.

Abandon, lost, no one to call family, no where to call home. There are children in Zambia that may have been abandoned ever since they were born. These children are roaming the streets looking for food, water, shelter, and a place they can call home. These children are living their lives on the streets of Zambia looking for a home. But, when a faithful women comes to help the people of Zambia, she builds a great organization called Energy of Hope. She is Amanda Dye and she has faith in herself that she can help the children of Zambia. Was she able to help the people in Zambia or not? This is why I chose to learn about Amanda Dye.

Amanda Dye should win the Elie Wiesel Foundation- Humanitarian Award because of what she has been doing for Zambia ever since she started the organization for Energy of Hope. She has dedicated her time fighting indifference, intolerance and injustice for the children in Zambia which are the criteria required to win this recognition. It was a very generous thing that she did for Zambia and the children who have no home there. What she shows is why I think Amanda Dye should get this award.

Amanda was born March 24, 1984 she has four siblings named: Corey, Zach, and Adam her younger brothers and Maddie the youngest sister. Amanda was the oldest of her four siblings. Her parents names are Bryan and Jodi. She went to Manor Hill for 1st-3rd grade and went to Lewis and Clark for 4th-5th grade. In high school she learned about the needs for people. When she was 19 she attended an Oprah Winfrey show where they talked about making a difference in the world. This was a turning point for Amanda. It took Amanda about 3 years to figure out what she wanted to do. Dye did her research, and when she was 22 she traveled to Zambia to start Energy of Hope. She chose Zambia because she’d never been there before and wanted to help the people who are living in Zambia.

Energy of Hope relies on fundraisers. Out of all the money they get they use $6,000 so that they can keep Energy of Hope up and running. Each child at Energy of Hope costs $2,000 per year to help with education and health care expenses.

These are three children who needed help and now are at Energy of Hope.

When Amanda first came to Zambia at 7:00 pm she heard a baby crying and she found him in the bottom of the sewer pit! When she saw him in there she left to go find help so that he could get out of the bottom of the sewer pit. When she found some help and got the baby out of the sewer pit she brought the baby to Energy of Hope where he got the help and care he needed. When they saw that he was healthy they chose to keep him at Energy of Hope and they chose to name him baby Will.

Elizabeth on the other hand was caught sneaking food for her family and once she was caught she was almost pounded to death then they burnt her right hand in a fire pit. A few minutes after the incident they sent Elizabeth to Energy of Hope. When she first came to Energy of Hope, Amanda heard a knock at the door . Elizabeth was shy at first but a few days after she came she got more interactive with the other people that were at Energy of Hope.

Amanda was given a very sick child. She tried to get him medical help. This child weighed 30 pounds at the age of 5. Amanda was able to secure a trip for him to the United States so he could get the care he needed at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Amanda loved Elton and ended up adopting him and keeping him in the United States. Amanda made sure that Elton was healthy and strong.

Energy of Hope has made a great impact on Humanity. The organization has many wonderful qualities. One specific quality is compassion. The people who work at Energy of Hope love the orphans and care for them unconditionally.

Now Energy of Hope cares for over 60 orphans. Amanda Dye is an inspiration for building Energy of Hope and deserves the Elie Wiesel Foundation- Humanitarian Award for fighting intolerance, injustice, and for the rights of children who do not have a voice for themselves. I soon hope that many people, including me, will follow in her footsteps and do good for the world just like she did.

The Hope is in your Heart

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