Welcome to Constantinople

A holy city is very holy

Government: here in Constantinople we have a monarchy cause we have a ruler and his name is Charlemagne.  Also we have chariot races and that is like a sport and it has a part in government.

Daily life: life in Constantinople is normal. there are huge crowds and at the farmers market you will stuff from all over the world like gold,sliver,silks,woods all kinds of stuff! And one of the more exciting stuff there this place called the hippodrome where we hold chariot races its super exciting.Also our beaches are for swimming just watch out for boats.

Religion: Christianity is the very heart of the empire.Furthermore our superior Architects have a beautiful church called the Orthodox church.Also Christianity and government are very closely linked here in the empire.   

Geography:Constantinople is located on Peninsula so our city is very easy to defend The trading comes through our city on the way to the west or east of the empire.Our great city grew cause of the trade routes coming through our city and it has gotten our empire rich!

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