Agents of Socialization


My family has done a lot to socialize me to become a better person of society. They taught me manners, and to respect elders etc. When we sit at the table we always say grace, and we try to eat all together at the dinner table. We make sure no elbows are on the table and all topics of discussion are appropriate, we always end up with funny stories about our days. My family has taught me not to talk when adults are talking, and to speak when spoken to. They taught me to stand up for myself in serious situations, and they always helped me realize my full potential. My Mom when I was little taught me what attitudes, and conversations were appropriate in public. Also, my Mom raised me as a catholic, but I don't necessarily share those beliefs.  I value family, and sports, and things of those relations because that's what I was raised on. My grand father is extremely into sports and I have always been in sports and so have my relatives. The Picture of the map shows Gahanna, Ohio where I grew up most of my life.


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Throughout my 11 years of schooling I wouldn't necessarily say that school has taught me a whole lot. School has taught me how to problem solve and associate with people on the same mission as me. School taught me to follow rules, and continue a lot of the rules that my family taught me. School is all about passing classes and doing work about topics that you don't remember by the next topic. I do agree that school does teach some individuals discipline but for a lot of students they don't care because that type of discipline isn't continued at home and sanctions aren't made at home. School did teach me order such as walking on the right side of the hallway and not stopping in the middle of the hallway. Cooperation is taught to some students but I wouldn't say all of them learn that. A lot of the socialization that happens in school is happening at home as well.

Peer Groups

My friends and peer groups that I interact with have socialized me in the fashion of what we do as a group. Then how I act when I'm not in the group. Peer groups give you the courage to experiment with things that you wouldn't necessarily do on your own. Peer groups aren't controlled by adults. You tend to experiment more with peer groups and you find out who you get along with and what types of music you listen to and what you like doing when you aren't at home. Sports teams are huge influences in the socialization of a person, there is good chemistry usually with a sports team because they need that to win games etc. Along with that there is also competition that pushes you to your full potential in whatever you're doing. Those people tend to push you and cheer you on. Peer groups also influence what you usually wear, what music you like, what things you find funny, etc.  

Mass MEdia

Mass Media establishes a lot about how a person acts. Personally I try not to use a bunch of social media but I do use it enough to keep up with daily things. especially because in my generation everything is out for the world to see. We are exposed to those types of things every minute of the day. My family is all on social media as well so its easy to keep in contact with family that doesn't live in Columbus or even in Ohio. The pictures above show a lot of the social media that people in our generation use on a daily basis. This picture is important because it shows how reliant we are on social media to communicate, and find out information. The second picture shows news channels, and magazines etc. These we still rely on to find out current events locally and worldwide. Both of these things are huge in our society, because they are used daily. Although I think that all of these things are over Glamorized.

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