WWI: Modern Warfare

Many weapons we use today to fight our wars are simply modified and improved versions of weapons that were invented almost half a century ago. These weapons, when they were invented, revolutionized warfare and created a new type of war the world has never seen before. This resulted in one of the biggest, deadliest, and most impacting wars in the world.

Poison Gas

Poison gas was one of the most frightening and dangerous weapon developed in World War Two. It was a weapon of mass destruction capable of wiping out an entire army if used correctly. The method of use was painful for those it was used against and often resulted in a slow and painful death. The gas was somewhat controllable, but was as constant as the wind. A shift in winds could make the gas be more effective against you than the people across from you. It was widely used in trench warfare because it was the only mobile weapon capable of killing people in the previously impervious trenches. Because the poison gas was heavier than air, it would sink down to the bottom and fill up trenches, suffocating anyone inside of them. This is the reason why gas masks were standard issue for soldiers.

Machine Gun

The machine gun did to warfare what the industrial revolution did to producing goods. The only guns that there were in the First World War were muzzle loaded guns, lever action rifles, and revolvers. A gun capable of spitting out hundreds of rounds in seconds was something that people thought was unbelievable. The first machine guns had a distinct look of a large brass cylinder over the muzzle with a tripod on a ball socket below it. It was usually if not always accompanied by a long belt of bullets.


Tanks were just the beginning of armored warfare. In aincent times, the romans were known for their discipline and advanced strategic formations. One of them and the most famous was "The Wall of Shields." Soldiers worked together to create an impenetrable barrier, capable of withstanding arrow volleys and charging armies. The tank did something similar to this. Normal bullets had almost no effect on these new tanks and it required heavy artillery or explosives to destroy. It was the ultimate combination of defense and offense. Most tanks mounted with large calibre weapons with thick and durable steel shells. It was capable of driving over and through almost any obstacle. It defined modern warfare as one of the most advanced war machines in The First World War.

U-Boats (Submarines)

Naval warfare was primarily fought by eye. One sailer sitting in a crows nest with a telescope would search for ships, find their range, and tell the captain. The captain would order the cannons or artillery to be aimed and fired. The other captain usually did this as well. With the invention of the submarine, however, naval warfare changed forever. Submarines were capable of slipping past or near ships almost completely unnoticed. It was like a silent predator watching its clumsy prey moving along in plain sight. Almost all of the submarines in The First World War were armed with torpedoes capable of taking out

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