Cell Analogy- Restaurant

Jami Rance & Rachel Eaton

For our cell  analogy we chose a restaurant.

Cell membrane - controls movement in & out - Receptionist

Cytoplasm - Jelly- like; chemical reactions - food

Nucleus- manages all cell functions- boss

Mitochondria - POWER HOUSE OF THE CELL - Dining area

Endoplasmic reticulum - Transports proteins- delivery man

Ribosomes - Assembles proteins - Chef

Golgi Apparatus - receives and distributes proteins - Waitress

Lysosomes - Contains digestive enzymes- cleaning staff

Peroxisomes - Breaks down poisonous peroxide - guests

Chloroplast- Light energy to carbohydrates & photosynthesis - Stove/ove/microwave

Cell Wall - Protects and surrounds cell membrane - building

Central Vacuoles - store water and maintains shape- Kitchen

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