Learning to Use a Computer Properly
in Ms. Finklestein's Class

From the first day I was in Ms. Finklestein's Class I learned so much about the computer. That now I think I'm a pro! One thing that I learned about the computer is how to use Word Document. I learned how to insert my name in certain places,and do slideshows. Also I learned how to turn in online assignments into my edmodo account(the website is edmodo.com). It makes the class so much easier for me so I can keep track of my work and to help me see what I have to turn in. The third thing I learned was how to use online websites in a safe way. This is what I learned in Ms. Finklestein's Class. I also learned how to type without looking at the keyboard and type faster. The class went on a site to learn how to do that, on www.typingweb.com I love all the things we learned in Ms.Finklestein's computer class! ;)

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