CITY 26%

Otherwise know as "TOWN"


The animals in my town can be anything you could think of. From giant sloths to to the innocent capybara. Also, the first 1000 people to join my town get a free pear.


There is a small range of food you can eat in "Town", but what you get is FABULOUS. At noon everyday, you get one plate of lasagna. Then at four o'clock, everyone gets one plate of hard boiled eggs. Those are the ONLY things you can eat.


"Town" offers many different unique attractions. One of which, is the stone of solitude. Also our incredible 1 foot tall replica of  the empire state building. That is pretty much it but those two thing are magnificent.


In "Town" there are a couple things you can do to pass the time. One thing is meditating, here in "Town" we strongly believe that meditation is a requirement to a good life. Also, we thing that mini golf is a great hobby.

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