Tools of the Trade

Lorena Sanchez


 Overview: Edmodo is a social learning platform website for teachers and students.Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips. A teacher can assign and grade work on Edmodo, students can get help from the entire class on Edmodo.

 Benefits: This website is beneficial because it informs students when the assignments are due and what homework you have for that day. Also you can turn in your assignments through edmodo. If you ever forget what your homework was you can go on edmodo and find out.

  Usage: You can use edmodo by signing up and entering a code that your teacher will give you to join that specific class.


Overview: Remind is a safe, free way for teachers to text message students and keep in touch with parents.

Usage and Benefits: You can use remind to get updates of upcoming events or when an assignment is due. This is very useful because its a reminder of what you need to do and allows parents to know and get involved in your school assigments.


Overview: This tool allows you to create visual appealing graphics/presentations.

Benefits: Hands on creative professional with a passion for exploring new technologies and design trends in addition to solid experience in the fields of design.

Usage: You can use this to create beautiful presentations or school projects.


Overview: This tool allows you to create web pages, posters and presentations .

Usage and Benefits: It is beneficial to students and teachers because its a creative way to transmit information and entertainment.

            The IB Design Cycle

The design cycle helps you find solutions to your problems in an organized manner.

Inquiring and Analyzing

Explain and justify the need for a solution.

Example: My car won’t start and I need to get to places.

Identify and prioritize primary and secondary

Example:Examine the car

-under the hood

-check the tires

-Check the manual

-call someone with experience

Analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution t the problem

Example: -new battery

- buy a new car


-Car shops

-Auto part store

- junk yard parts

Develop a detailed design brief

Example: My car wont start and I need to get places. I need to examine the car and find out what needs to be done for my car to start. I researched and saw that I could get a new car or many other things that could possibly help solve my problem.

                 Developing Ideas

Develop a design specification.

Example: make sure the service is done correctly

-make sure it runs good before you pay

-make sure parts that you paid for are in good condition

(When buying a new car)

-show me the car facts

-test drive

-make sure its what you want (consider other options)


-great gas mileage

-not a lot of miles

Develop a range of ideas that are feasible

Example:new car

-used car in good conditions

-fix old car

Present a final chosen design and justify its selection

Example:“Make sure the services is done correctly” would be the best idea because you don’t want to waste money on something that doesn’t work properly.

Develop accurate planning/drawings and outline the requirements

Example: You are going to have a fixed car that will run properly and get you to and from.

     Creating the Solution

Construct a plan

Example: 1.Call tow truck (5 mins)

2.Get it towed to your local car shop ( 30 mins)

3.Get a mechanic (5 mins)

4.Address the problem (20 mins)

5.Discuss payments. (10 mins)

6.Have them fix the problem. ( 1.5 hours)

7.Make sure it’s done right. (10 mins)

8.Pay.( 5 mins)

Demonstrate excellent technical skills

Example: -Certified mechanic.

-Updated tools.

-Understands vehicles

Follow plan

Example: Check off the to do list.

Justify any changes to the plan

Example: No changes were made.

Present the solution


Test your methods

Evaluate your solution

How can you improve it

How does the solution impact the target

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