APHG PSA: Exclaves and Enclaves; Lesotho and South Africa

I have been looking around several Tackks, and I have found that people are still confused are the whole "enclaves and exclaves" thing. Many people are don't realize what each one means or that they are even different. For clarification:

Enclave - A (piece of a) country that is surrounded by another country. Example:  Italy and Vatican City. Vatican City is completely surrounded by Italy, and only shares borders with Italy.

Exclave -  A piece of a country separated from the mainland by alien territory. Example: The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Azerbaijan. The NAR is a part of Azerbaijan, but is separated from Azerbaijan by alien territory. (Armenia)

Using these definitions, Lesotho is an enclave of South Africa, not an exclave. Lesotho is its own independent nation. It is not part of any other country, therefore it can not be an exclave. In order for something to be an exclave, it must be a piece separated by other's territory. Lesotho has no other territory, therefore, AGAIN, it is an enclave.

Please, watch what you post. Others (should) go through your Tackks and see the information, and will assume the information is right. Even though we should, let's face it: no one is ever going to go through and check sources and do further research to make sure one's information is correct. So from everyone to everyone, please double-check your information. (This applies to everyone, not just these exclave and enclave confusions.) If you find sketchy or wrong information, do some research or leave a comment. The purpose of this is to help each with information, not spreading misinformation and more confusion.  That's all from me, for now.