Recap of 2014, another AMAZING

We all have things to be thankful for, why not list them all?

2014 was the year when I moved,the year I started uploading videos on YouTube for the first time,the year I started playing Animal Jam,the year I had so many memories with! This year was an amazing roller-coaster of fun and sadness :) :(

2015's gotta wait for what were gonna do....

I plan so many things to do in 2015, and i'm gonna have to stop writing 2014 on my school papers!Hopefully 2015 will be as great as 2014, and yet i'm still not ready to let go.I want to go back,change things that I said,things that I did.

Unfortunately that won't happen for a LONG time, and even i'm not sure when that is!

Maybe its not possible,but this holiday season I want to have one wish,A wish that won't happen until a long time....

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday,and a happy new year!

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