By:Ella Callahan and Ricky Sosa

The Native American Tribe called Tuscarora

This tribe is one of the tribes that fought in the war. Some of the weapons they might still use now are the bow and arrow, spear, stone adzes, and knives. They would use hemp to make rope. The language they speak is called Iroquoian. In there government they have laws, police, and services. Some people think they wear weird clothing, but they don't.

What they wear as clothing is that they use feather to make hats, they use animal skin for pants and shirts and also shoes. They also use cloth to make shirts. Some things they have as traditions and customs is the game of lacrosse, arts and crafts, and the foods they eat are crops, deer, rabbits, herbs, fish, corn bread, soup, and stews. They made houses across the U.S.A.  They would make villages of longhouses. They also would use drawing of what the longhouses look like inside of them.

The Tuscarora tribe lives in the Piedmont region, coastel plains. Now they live in New York or across the border in Ontario. They also fought in the war. Thank you for reading this!!!

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