Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)


ALS is caused when nerve cells start dying gradually.

Effects on Body

The body is effect by this because your muscles start to go away.  

Infectious or Not ?

ALS is not infectious, but it can be inherited in family genes.


Currently there is no treatment or cure for ALS

Famous People with ALS

Stephen Hawking

Stephen  Hawking is possibly one of the most famous people with ALS. Stephen Hawking survived 50 more years than the doctors said. Researchers at  Anmar al-Chalabi of King’s College London said that it's extraordinary that he survived this long with ALS. One of the reasons why ALS is known well today is because of Stephen Hawking's remarkable ability to survive over its high mortality rate.

Dilemma (Issues)

ALS is a Disease that makes the muscles in your body waste away but leaves your brain alone. ALS is also hereditary, which means that it can be passed down from generations in families. It is also not curable.  


The ALS foundation raises awareness and money for research to get rid of ALS.

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