By Jordan Cotman

Definition of Homelessness- homelessness is you don't have a home you don't have a house, no food, no water, and no clothes you have to wear the same clothes everyday in the cold, with no blanket, and no comforters.

Interesting facts about my topic That how many children  are homeless and family because some people don't have money to pay the bills to buy food don't have enough  to buy a car.  They live in the homeless shelter and the family  can get split up .

How dose my topic happen The bills go up higher the jobs be pushing them and sometimes some boss are cheap, mean they don't give that raises to there works. They can't go no places because they have a broken vehicle have no gas or oil, the family don't have a roof over there heads.  They sit on the side walk they live on the streets with no pillows just on a hard ground. Poverty means poor with no food, water, and no house some people don't give them money because of the way they look they mite look mean but some of them mite be nice.

The symptoms are not having a home, not having a job, and not having clothes.

Jesus can help the homeless people God can help them to, and the shelters, the church can help them. There are some good people out here to help them.

It's important to know so you can help.

I want to help the homeless by  giving  them food water pillows a blankets.  Lot of people are homeless because of drugs and smoking. 

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I want to help the homeless