Took this picture of Meagan when we went on a field trip to the Arburritum in Woodway. We were assigned to take Person Profiiles of another yearbook staff member. I took multiple pictues of her looking in different directions, and the one of her looking up was my favorite.

Pep at the Pep Rally

I took this picture of some Midway High School students at the Homecoming Pep Rally during football season. I was assigned to capture a pep rally photo and this one showed strong emotion.

Give Thanks

On a Yearbook field trip we stopped at Common Grounds for a coffee break, when I saw this amazing door covered in designs. I snapped this picture, and it's one of my favorites because of the 'Give Thanks' sign across the top. This is my architectual photo. I added a black and white effect for an Ansel Adams assignment.


Sitting inside Common Grounds, I looked up and saw this cool lantern. The way the light shines and makes the photo glow is amazing!


Me and a couple other yearbook staff members went to Photography by AJ (Waco, TX), and got to watch him take person profile pics of Courtney Prebe, a Midway High School dancer. The experience was cool getting to see where he got his poses from and how he changed the lighting and shadows. I took this picture which is showing Aaron taking a photo of Courtney posing towards the light to highlight her face.

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