Parts Of A River

by: Madi Camacho

Open land along a river. Flooding water in a river/lake flow onto the floodplain


We all live in a watershed, or in its path.


The source of water in this picture is the chunk of bark coming form the rocks.


The waterfall in this picture is falling into the mouth, or open body of water.


the ice will melt, the water it leaves behind won't flow into a body of water.

Great Basin

The peak of the mountains is the divide, because water will split at that point.


The trees block light from getting to the water, making ocean plant life scarce.


The trees are blocking the light and the floodplain.

Down River

The river is flowing into a larger body of water.


This video is long, so don't watch the entire thing. It explains the parts of a river, such as the parts listed above.

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