The History of the Internet

Timeline of the internet over the years.

October 29, 1969

Charley Kline was the first person to use the internet while trying to communicate with a research center. The system crashed when it said log in.


Ray Tomlinson a computer engineer invented email in late 1971.


This is the year that the first PC modem was created by  Dennis Hayes and Dale Heatherington.


This is the year that spamming in the internet all started, and was created by Gary Thuerk.


The year that the first emoticon was used by Scott Fahlman.


On May 24 Jim Kimsey found AOL while doing a control video invented this multi nation mass cooperation.


The first web page was created the World Wide Web project was created by Tim Berners-Lee.


On September 4 Larry Page, Sergey Brin created the website Google, and has changed the way we all use the internet today.


I tunes was created on January 9. They launched with 200,000 songs going for 99 cents a piece.


In October of 2010 Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. By 2012 they had over 100 million active users.

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