Mark Walhburg as John Bennet

MARK WAHLBERG plays a charismatic man child who cannot let go of his childhood. He is an acclaimed actor who has attained multiple roles in prestigious films such as The Departed, or Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Seth McFarlane as Ted

SETH MCFARLANE is an experienced comedic voice actor. He is known for his many roles in Family Guy. He is a well known comedic, writer , actor and singer. He is also a writer in the movie, assisting with the story line and script. His experience with comedic animation makes him the perfect choice to play a raunchy teddy bear.

Jessica Barth as Tami-Lynn

JESSICA BARTH is a well experienced actress who has a appeared in a variety of TV shows and movies such as Get Smart (2008) and Mr.Blue Sky (2009). She plays Tami-Lynn (Ted's girlfriend) in Ted, and will get married in Ted 2.

Morgan Freeman as unknown

MORGAN FREEMEN has won many Academy Awards such as Best supporting actor for Million Dollar Baby. He is known for his calm yet authoritative voice. He has been in more action movies than comedic, the audience anticipates a new performance from this well known actor.

TED 2 is the story of newlyweds Ted and Tami-Lynn, as they attempt to prove Ted is a legal citizen in order to adopt a child.


Is young adults ages 18 -35 who are also starting to settle in their lives. This movie is a good movie to watch with a group of friends. Though, guys would relate to the movie better, girls would still find it humorous.  Guys could relate to this more because it is in a guys perspective. This is also an ideal date movie, because it is funny and follows the relationship between Tami- Lynn and Ted. Its a is a good laugh for all ethnicities.


Marketing of Movie

This movie was first announced by Seth McFarlene when he told the press that he was working on this movie in the American Dad Comic-Con. Two trailers has since been released, a twitter page from the first movie has been revived, and TV ads have been running.


Budweiser Beer is a proud supporter of the Ted cinematic universe

The Mercedes corporation is happy to announce partnership with the creators of TED 2


Other movie releasing at that time are  Insidious 3, Jurassic World, and Inside Out. Though these are highly anticipated movies, none of them should directly impact Ted 2's release because none of them are comedies. These other movies actually may help get Ted 2 more attention, because when others will be watching the highly anticipated movies, they will watch the trailer for Ted 2.  

A unique aspect from the website for the target market:

This website interacts the individual to sign a fictional petition to legalize Ted, so he can have a child.

The website is efficient because it plays the trailer immediately when opening the page. But, the website could be hard to your with its unique website format. For example,  only by clicking the button on the top left corner can you view the other tabs.  Though the website uses a modern format ideal for the young crowd. A better website format would be to have all the tabs when scrolling down because this format is used for popular social media websites such as twitter.


  • Vera Wang Wedding Apparel (now, for  Men and Women)
  • Honeymoon Resorts
  • Budweiser
  • Car Brands
  • Chips- Funions, Lays
  • Animal Food, Dog and Cat food


Endorsing the tourism business will bring money to the state. Also, viewers would enjoy looking at sites shot in the movie. Law firms are a big part of Ted 2, so we should promote their names. Restaurants in the movie should be endorsed, so fans can go to Boston and eat at the places where the movie shot.

Movie Poster


A holographic TED will sing the national anthem at a Boston Red Sox home game on Sunday, May 3rd, against the New York Yankees. A fake wedding will be staged in between innings between Ted and Tami-Lynn. Seth Mcfarlane, Jessica Barth, and Mark Wahlberg will promote the movie during the game.

Advance screenings will be shown two weeks before the release date of June 26, 2015 at 3 major U.S. cities- Los Angeles, New York City, and Boston.

The Chinese Theater in Los Angeles

AMC Theater in Time Square, New York City

Paramount Theater on Washington Street, Boston


Ted currently runs a twitter page, a facebook page, and a tumblr page

The current social media campaign is good- I would add a youtube page that regularly uploads clips from the movie and past movies.



Thank you for your time. With these changes, Ted 2 could become one of the biggest movies of the summer.  Since it is a sequel it doesn't have to as much marketing as other movies. But, they should still have large promotions to create awareness for the sequel.

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