Subject: English
Teacher: Soledad Puntín
Student: Leonel Fontana
Course: 5to C.S.O
Due Date: 1/6/2015

Eduardo Gérman María Hughes Galeano.

Eduardo Gérman María Hughes Galeano was born on 3th September in 1940 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

He was a writer. His father was Eduardo Hughes Roosen, his mother was Ester Galeano and his wife was Helena Villagra. They had three children. in September in 2010, he received the Sting Dagerman Ward, one of the most prestigious literary awards in Sweden.

One of his books were Espejos, La Canción de Nosotras, Nosotras decimos No, among others. Galeano died on 13th April in 2015 in Montevideo from lung cancer at the age of 74.


                               by: Leonel Fontana

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