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Curriculum Focus

Four Goals of Misbehavior - Dreikur's Four Goals of Misbehavior is a valuable tool for understanding a student's misbehavior.  The beauty of this perspective is tht you can identify the goal of the child's misbehavior by looking at your own reaction.

      If the child's behavior :

  • annoys you, the goal is attention.  *Ignore it.
  • angers you, the goal is power. * Rely upon rules and consequences to remove yourself from the struggle.
  • hurts you, the goal is revenge. * State your feelings and discuss mutual concerns.
  • makes you despair, the goal is to display inadequacy. *Find a way to encourage and empower the child.


Here’s an example of a three-column cue card for COPS editing:

C (Capitalization) Did I capitalize the first word of

every sentence and all proper nouns?

O (Overall Did I look over my paper to make

Appearance) sure it is neat, easy to read, and does

not have any spacing or messy errors?

P (Punctuation) Did I use the correct end punctuation

for every sentence?

S (Spelling) Did I spell all the words correctly?

    Important Information

    Teacher Admin Evaluation - Submit your Domain 4 evidence by Feb. 6th... For the Alternate Eval people..........only if you want to change your scores from last year.

    Grade Levels- You should now have your grade level, classroom and student 3rd nine week goals posted.

    "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of missing that drop." - Mother Teresa

    This Week....

    Monday: Kdg-2nd Dance Practice; Chorus

    Tuesday: Walk-Through Admin. Training; MTSS; Tutoring

    Wednesday: 6 Traits Training (grades 4-5) @ 12:30

    Thursday: K-2 Bay Writes; 3-5 Write Score; 3rd-5th PLC mtgs; Tutoring

    Friday: TGIF;  Submit Domain 4 evidence

    Coming Up...

    Monday, Feb. 9th: 3rd-5th Dance Team Practice; Chorus

    Tuesday, Feb. 10th: K-Kids; Tutoring

    Wednesday, Feb. 11th: LLT Mtg; Faculty Mtg

    Thursday, Feb. 12th: Fire Drill; Tutoring

    Friday, Feb. 13th:

    Happy Birthday


    3-5 teachers, how are you utilizing the resources from Write Score? K-2 teachers,  how are you  teaching the 6 Traits?

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