Liberation Worldwide

Inform..Educate.Liberate.Liberation Worldwide

Liberation Worldwide informs and educates people on what sexual slavery is, creates petitions in countries to change their legislation regarding sexual slavery, gives opportunities to write letters to politicians in hopes of reform, creates volunteer opportunities in antislavery organizations, and raises money for safe houses.

Liberation Worldwide is funded by grants made by the public sectors or by charitable trusts and foundations. It also takes individual donations from people. This money is used to create safe houses for sex trafficking survivors.  Safe houses help give survivors an alternative to living in the street. These houses help rehabilitate victims and allow them a safe place to transition back into society.

Victims of sex slavery often experience post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety,  depression, and memory loss. Their trauma can also cause them to turn to alcohol and drug use. In addition to all the mental trauma victims may be exposed to health risks such as HIV and AIDS.

Things people can do to get involved include volunteering with the organization, writing letters asking politicians to make laws, signing petitions for places to change their legislation regarding sex slavery, educating yourself by attending a seminar, and creating awareness by doing assemblies at local schools.

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