1. I like this logo because it is very clever it has the buildings in the logo

2. In this logo there is a image of two animals staring at each other the shows what this logo stands for.

3. I like this logo because it has two people enjoying the tostitos with salsa in the middle of the word.

4. The color goes while with the logo it stands out but doesn't hurt your eyes and you can tell it stands for twitter

5. I like the text of the word and how simple the logo is. The color is pretty easy on the eyes considering it is red.

1. This logo is bad overall it is creepy with the joker. The colors and font is bad.

2. I don't like this logo because you can't really tell what it stands for.

3. The logo is bad there is really no creativity to this logo at all

4. This logo is looks like a bad drawing of an indian

5. I could never make out what this was it always looked like a deformed animal to me. It doesn't make any sense for me.

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