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There are threeHIV test -

methods used in common. The more you know, the better for you.

Enzyme-linked method, named "enzyme-linked immunoassay", referred to as ELISA.Its center is to make the antibody and enzyme complex combination, and then to detect by color.Step is very simple: ELISA were used to detect serum. First blood agglutination should pass at least half an hour, and then take the serum.After enzyme complex with diluent dilution, serum and negative and positive control, to control the quality and the product (the scope of this is strict requirements. It must be within the scope of the quality control).After an hour of incubation, and then wash the plate and the substrate, after half an hour away from the light reaction terminated liquid reaction part is completed, there are the readings.Judging by the numerical results of negative or positive.Strictly speaking, if tested positive for the first time, in any laboratory, must follow the CDC's HIV operation procedures for the second test, the second method must be different from the first, if still positive, will send AIDS patient to laboratory confirmed.

The rapid method named "jinbiao method“, also called" colloidal gold method ", jinbiao method is the more advanced sensitive, specific, rapid, simple, accurate method for in vitro diagnostic. The determination results in a special test can be achieved in a short period of time. Jinbiao HIV test (AIDS), after the blood drops on the test paper, with 15 minutes of time to observe the test for color change.

Rapid HIV test can detect at your home, simple and convenient operation, do not need special equipment, the first two blood drops on HIV/AIDS test paper, and then drop a drop of diluent, and then wait for 15 minutes to read the results.The result interpretation is also very simple, if a red line appears on the test paper, that is negative, if is two red line, is positive.If the test is positive, according to the HIV testing process, the need for retest.Using rapid method (paper) AIDS self test should, under the professional guidance to ensure that the whole process of self-test operation specification is correct, the result is accurate and reliable.

Protein western blot (WB) is the common way used for AIDS diagnosis laboratory, it is mainly used for the validation test, at the beginning there was a positive screen, confirm the experiment should be carried out using this method.Basic principle is HIV virus antigen with SDS. PAGE electrophoresis, separate the molecular weight size of protein, and then put these have different protein separation charged transferred to nitrocellulose membrane.The film cut into strips. Each a nitrocellulose membrane has contained the electrophoresis separation of HIV virus antigen.Influenza virus serum samples with diluent dilution into 1/100, then add it to the nitrocellulose membrane directly , constant temperature oscillation, make its full contact reaction, if contain HIV antibody in serum, it will be combine with the membrane antigen on the belt.After joining IgG enzyme combination and the substrate, can make a reaction of antigen antibody belt show puce, according to the results of strip case judgement.It is reported that the specificity of the western blot test is not very good, about 2% of the false positive rate, but western blot test is still the most commonly used HIVconfirmation trial.