Tang and Song Dynasty

The Tang and Song dynasties rose in power by innovating technology, forming  new ways of government, and influencing people‚Äôs culture and religion, but in the end, both dissipated due to corruption in government, and gradually weakening military.

By: Jack Geier, Chase Gailey, Arnold Hong, Parker Bishop, Aidan Chaplin, Kingston Huang, Price Brazzel

Emergence of Sui-Tang Era

- Yang Jian ( Wendi) became emperor. Low taxes, established granaries, conquest and expansion led to popularity.

-Yangdi conquest and expanded with confusion background, Korean war caused peasant revolt and loss of power.

- Tang influence reached Afghanistan ; all submitted

-Imperial Bureaucracy expanded, divided into six ministries of executive branch, scholars played vital role in government development.

-Officials took exams and were taught Confucianism ; led to more educated government

-Confucianism threatened Buddhists and aristocrats; Buddhism lost power in China.  

Decline of Tang and Rise of Song

-Tang emperor became uninterested in ruling and distracted; government and army became corrupt.

-Tang collapsed in 9th century and reunified by militaristic and scholarly general Zhao Kuangyin; Khitan a threat

-Limited power to commanders, officials over paid securing scholar-gentry

-Confucianism spread through libraries and revived scholar- gentry

- Weak foundation ( military weakness and conceit) caused downfall

-Song internally deteriorated and pushed south

Prosperity of Tang and Song

- Grand Canal promoted commercial expansion and expanded Silkroad ; dynasties used canal to maintain power  in the north.

- Banks and paper money established in Tang Dynasty; floating money

- Men and elders had more rights than women.

-Created innovative technology for agriculture, warfare, trade, literature, and science.

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3 years ago

Song Politics: Settling for Partial Restoration
Weakness of Song was imperial policies that were suppose to stop conditions that destroyed Tang empire.
Military commanders were shifted around so they could not build a base of power
Confucianism was influenced, Song empire ended up with high paid officials with little to do.
This secured scholar-gentry class ascendancy over aristocracy and buddhists rivals in this era

3 years ago

Reaction and Disaster: The Flight to the South
Neo-Confucians ended reform, Peasant unrest grew with economic conditions deteriorating
Jurchens (Nomadic Group) established Kingdom north of Song and eventually pushed Song South
Southern Song empire ended in 1279

3 years ago

emergence of tang and restoration of the empire:

-Li Yuan (the duke of tang) averted the breakdown of the imperial order and thought that only rebelling against the government would save the empire so he and his followers did so taking it over and starting the golden age for the tang

-tang made conquests as far as Afghanistan making all the nomadic peoples dominating china submit to tang rule and turkic tribe leaders were held captive to ensure the cooperation of their peoples

3 years ago

state and religion in tang and song eras:

-confucian learning threatened aristocratic families and the buddhist monastic orders which was a major force in life during the six dynasties era

3 years ago

revival of confucian thought:

-confucian ideas revived the influence of scholar-gentry in the Song era

-some acedemics became devoted to the study of classical texts and libraries were established

-some philosophers stressed importance of applying philosophical principles

3 years ago

tang and song prosperity basis of a golden age:

-the grand canal was designed to link the centers of Chinese civilization on the north china plain

-the grand canal was intended to facilitate control over the southern regions of courts

3 years ago

Family and Society in the Tang and Song Era
Family organization class levels in both empires resembled earlier period. In Tang, authority of elders and males grew
PEople were same ages that married, women were subordinate to men, divorce was mutual

3 years ago

expanding agrarian production and life in the country:

-the population southward of the fertile valleys of yangzi and other rivers was beginning of agrarian expansion

-dynasties encouraged peasants to expand to uncultivated areas and they sent military groups with them to protect the settlements and complete the task of subduing non chinese people

3 years ago

Canal systems helped with commercial expansion. Silk road expanded. Ships were equip with new technology like cannons first use of paper money was in the tang dynasty. Banks founded
Flying money- like credit. . reduced robberies.

3 years ago

Tang and song eras remembered for their accomplishments in science, technology, literature, and art. Such as explosive powder, advances in building and warfare, and printing with moveable type.