The Light Beyond the Horizon

There are many symbols in the Great Gatsby, but one that stands out is the green light. The green light is a light that glows all night on Daisy's dock. It represents Gatsby reaching for Daisy. He can see Daisy and reach out for her, but he will never actually get her. The light reminds him of Daisy as well because he knows it comes from her house. "You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dock" (92). He tells her about the green light in this quote. Daisy seems to understand the significance of the light because she responds by putting her arm through his. The green light stopped being important at that moment as Gatsby did not have to reach for Daisy.

By: Terah Fallon


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3 years ago

that was really good i think you explained the great light in a way that made it easier to understand the significance of the light to him at first and then how he starts to realize its just a green light. Good job