Wow!!! I'm ready for science . Water Ecosystems

By:Chloe in Mrs.C's class

I was studying science and thought you'd like to see (or read)this

Before we start, let's talk serious here O.K. I might be giving you a lesson today. So let's start learning! What are some examples of water ecosystems? There can be fresh or salt, but did you know that animals can die if they are in the wrong waters. Different types of places these waters go into are ponds,lakes,the ocean,streams,rivers,or estuaries.Estuaries are water-lands that are combined with salt and fresh water, estuaries are mostly in rivers. Now let's talk about what each body of water is made out of. Oceans are made of  Salt water, waves,starfish,dolphins,kelp,and flounder. Oceans are waters largest ecosystems. In the ocean there are many different smaller ecosystems. Now let's talk about Stream's.Stream's are made of freshwater,running water,trout,moss,catfish,and crayfish. In streams it is cold and flows fast.Ponds are made of freshwater,still water,leech,plankton,salamanders,frogs,and flower lilies.Insects lay their eggs in this type of water.Lakes are super deep,they have freshwater,a deep bottom and the water in the deep is very cold. Now back to Estuaries, it is made up of fresh and salt water,they are where ever fresh and salt meet.They are shallow,and the only plants there are grasses. The animals that live there are oysters,clams,snails,crab,and shrimp. The food (animals) are good for ospreys,herons,and bald eagles.

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