The GrassLands
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Tempature (100 degrees)

Puddles of water





Hunting dogs






{Biotic Example: Bison/Buffalo}

{Biotic Example: Deer}

{Abiotic Example: Water , Water Tempature/// Biotic Example: Horses}

Carrying Capacity And Changes In Populations

Carrying Capacity is how many organisms can live in an ecosystem and there's resources in and ecosystem that they need to have to survive like:


Bison have most the resources they need they have TONS of space and alot of grass to graze on so they have space and food but they might have a drought and it would kill some of them off and they have little shelter so if they were attack...they'd also die.

Limiting Factor: Wildfire, Drought, tornadoes, And hunters.

A Deer can run out of factors which makes it a limiting factor, so if a fire where to happen and a deer got stuck in the forest or maybe in the tall grass it could get burned and decompose once it's dead.But hunting is a limiting factor as well, deer are very popular to hunt.

Energy Roles:Grass/Producers, Deer/First Level  Consumer/Herbavore, Fox/Third Level Consumer/Omnivore, Wolves/Top carnivores/Carnivore,Bacteria/Decomposers.

Fox Eating Berries

Deer recive their energy from herbs and grass that collected theres from the sun, and a fox collects its engergy from berries and deers, wolves get there energy from deer fox and other animals.

An ecosystem needs producers or most animals will die and it would ruin the ecosystem because once the first level dies so will the second then the third and so forth,

Food Chains and Food Webs

Food webs are more realistic then Food chains because the food webs show where the energy goes instead of just showing the animals.

If you were to take away Hawks and Lizards Grasshoppers would over populate and eventually you'd run out of the producer ruining the food web!!

Trophic Levels and  Energy Pyramid

The pyramid is shaped that way so you can see whose the top, so like, it doesn't show what they eat just whose before them.

The producers are the largest level because they make they're own food using the suns energy and the Top predators are the smallest because they count on other animals for they're food, if the lizzards or rabbits dissepeared eagles wouldn't have much food left!

Co2 + H2o= C6H12O6 + O2

Water, Light and Carbon Dioxide Are needed for photosynthesis.

Once the plant has what it needs it produces oxygen and sugar.

Photosynthesis takes place in the Chlorophyll, with the plant cells as well.


In the Grasslands you may find several Tropisms such as: Phototropism, and Geotropism, and possibly Hydrotropism.


Hydrotropism helps the grass and flowers in the grasslands survive because it leads the roots to the water which they need.

Phototropism helps them find the sunlight in which the need to live.

Role Of Decomposers

The grasslands need decomposers because without decomposers the animals would run out of food due to no more grass and other plants growing back because the soil would be bad due to the decomposers not being there to break down dead animals and plants!

An Example of decomposers is Earthworms, rollie pollys snails...etc



Adaptations are the key to surviving in environments that you are not ready for But must stay in. There are 3 different Adaptations. They are

: Behavioral: An Action that aids survival.

:Structural:A body part or coloring that aids survival

:Physiological: jobs of body parts controlling life processes that aids survival

If the deer left and wolves were left without them they would adapt to eating a different food source and then the whole environment would adapt to loosing the new food the wolves started to eat. They would also need to run faster and be stronger to catch their prey!

If you were to move a deer to the arctic the deer would most likely die due to it being to cold and  there is no places to hide from the predators, if the wolves where moved to the arctic they would most likely adapt to the cold weather and not die but some just depends on the survival of the fittest!!

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2 years ago

I learned that tepature is 100 degrees in the grassland

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I learned that there are twice as many weeds there then here

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looks great so far! however, limiting factors do not include food, water, shelter, and organisms. limiting factors are things like wildfire, drought, hunters, floods, etc.

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I changed the limiting factors thank you. @lorigreen