How to fit into my world

If you are wanting to fit into my reality then you need to learn a few things first. School is a place I go to for learning, it is a place that I spend most of the day at. You need to know that everyone has a schedule of classes that they go to. My schedule consists of 10 classes, (5 per day) including Math, Physics and English. A normal school day lasts over 7 hours. After school, I drive home, I gave you a map to get there. After I get home I do my homework and relax. To go into more detail, I watch TV, use my computer and my phone(a cellular device used for contacting people). I relax until i eat dinner and then its off to take a shower, on earth these are very important. After doing all of the things i feel like doing its time for bed, us humans need our sleep and to do that all you do is lay down and close your eyes.

We start off the morning with a quick breakfast and shower, now its off to school for another day. It gets very repetitive but we have all grown used to it. After 5 days of this we get a 2 day break often referred to as a "weekend". On these weekends we usually spend time with friends and sleep late. These weekends help give everyone a well needed break. After the 2 days are up, its back to school/work. I think its time i share some of my hobbies. I collect a lot of different things as well as play sports such as football. (a game that is very popular on earth) Another thing that most humans and myself do is work, you work to make money, money is then used to purchase the things we have such as houses and cars. Jobs range from serving food to being entertaining for people, if you are wanting to fit in, you are going to have to get a job.

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