The Taxonomy of an Florida  Panther

By C.J. Garner

What is Taxonomy

The branch of science concerned with classification of different organisms.

Taxonomy of a Florida Panther?

Kingdom: Animalia-  Panthers are multicellular and they are eukaryotic organisms and they move on there on.

Phylum: Chordata- They have backbones

Class: Mammalia- Maintains heat

Order: Carnivora-  Beast

Family: Feliadae- Family of cats

Genus : Puma- Contains a cougar

Species: P.concolor- Type of cougar and terrestrial mammal in the western hemisphere

Where is a Florida Panther found?

The life of a Florida Panther?

Most Florida Panthers are found in Southern Florida in the Everglades National park.

Florida Panthers are large tan cats there body are covered mainly in tawny-beige fur.

Florida Panthers are usually 6-7 feet long .

They have  about a 12 year life span  in the wild .

At birth, kittens are born covered in dark spots. they are covered in dark spots . The spots help camouflage the kittens in the forrest debris. As they develop they look more and more like adult panthers. The kittens stay with there mother for about a year and a half then they find there own territory.

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